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“I came to Erie for medical school and already had braces on. Originally from Chicago, IL it was obviously going to be hard for me to see my original orthodontist regularly enough to finish my treatment in an efficient manner. Dr. Wilcko was recommended to me by a fellow student form Erie area and I was not disappointed.” –Firas R.

“A perfect smile is priceless!” – Anonymous

“The staff at Wilcko Orthodontics are enthusiastic, friendly, professional, and empathetic.” – Anonymous

“Dr. Wilcko is the man!” –  Anonymous

“It was never difficult to make appointments. Dr. Wilcko and his staff didn’t waste any of my time. Appointments were always kept.” ~ Anonymous

“I got my braces my freshman year of college my treatment was exceptional!”-Lauren M.

“I feel very good about my investment in treatment. Nice teeth are the greatest asset!” - Anonymous

“I rate Dr. Wilcko’s staff a 10!”- Anonymous

“Dr. Wilcko is very knowledgeable of teeth and what he was doing.”- Anonymous

“I had braces by Dr. Wilcko almost 22 years ago so when it was time for my son to get them it was a no brainer to come to Dr. Wilcko. We were so happy with the service that now my husband has braces. Dr. Wilcko and his staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, when it is time for our two daughters to get braces, we will be right here with Dr. Wilcko!” –Denise C.

“Dr. Wilcko exceeded our expectations!” – Anonymous.

“It is worth every cent.” – Anonymous

“We love all the girls here and Dr. Wilcko.” – Anonymous

“We are very satisfied with skill of Dr. Wilcko.” – Anonymous

“I have enjoyed how friendly everyone is and the fact that there is little to no wait time.” – Anonymous

“We were told that Madison had serious overcrowding issues with her teeth by her family dentist and would need orthodontic care. We were quickly impressed with Dr. Wilcko and his staff and decided to begin treatment about six months ago. Madison is about half way through Phase 1 and the results, thus far, are amazing! Thanks Dr. Wilcko!”- Rebecca B.

“It has been a great experience and the results are impressive!”- Anonymous

“Wilcko Orthodontics has very competitive pricing and it is always helpful to have a payment plan option!”- Anonymous

“A+++”- Anonymous

“I only wish I would have had Dr. Wilcko when I went through braces! He is very kind and gentle which is exactly what children need. His skills are impeccable!” – Anonymous.

“I love the convenience of the location, the comfortable office space, the friendly staff, the timeliness of appointments and the confidence I have in the great results!”- Anonymous

“Really great job, I always recommend Dr. Wilcko!”- Anonymous

“I had always wanted braces when I was younger, my father’s new insurance helped provide funds to fix my teeth. My experience has been excellent and because of that I am now thinking about orthodontics as a possible career field.”- Jared O.

“My expectations were exceeded and I could not be happier!”- Anonymous

“I was extremely satisfied with my treatment! I have no complaints it has been a wonderful experience!”- Anonymous

“I have enjoyed the friendly staff and the way that everyone seemed to honestly care about my treatment.”- Anonymous

“Our family has been delighted with Dr. Wilcko’s care. My teeth were corrected by Dr. Wilcko and his staff when I was a teen. I had recently decided that my children would also receive treatment from Dr. Wilcko as well. My son’s braces were recently removed, and his teeth look wonderful. My daughter is still in treatment and we see changes with every visit. Although we have recently moved out of the area; we still travel to Erie to seek Dr. Wilcko’s care. Dr. Wilcko and his staff are polite, knowledgeable and accommodating. We have been to both locations and have found them both convenient. I recommend Wilcko Orthodontics to everyone! I love my smile…and I am sure my kids will too!”- Catherine Trejchel

“About four years ago I got an expander because of overcrowding. I have had my braces on now for about a year and my teeth have improved a lot! My braces are due to come off soon and I can’t wait to see the result!- Kathryn S.

“This investment has definitely been worth it!”- Anonymous S.

“Everybody is extremely nice and does a great job!”- Anonymous

"As odd as it might be to rave about orthodontic practices, Dr. Wilcko's is beyond fabulous! We moved here from another state, coordinating my daughter's treatment proved to be no problem what so ever. Coming in for visits were, dare I say it? Fun! The Doctor and his staff go beyond with their friendly, exceptional service!"- Elenor Chamberlin-Herr

"Compared to my previous orthodontist, my wait times are super short and it has been very convenient." - Heather P.

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