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Welcome to Wilcko Orthodontics

At Wilcko Orthodontics, we believe in providing each patient with individualized attention, focused on their unique orthodontic needs and desired treatment outcome. Dr. William M. Wilcko and our team know that each person we see requires our full attention while they are in our care, and we deliver just that. Dr. Wilcko is directly involved with each patient’s clinical treatment and oversees all aspects of their care.

Our practice is known for being family-friendly and patient-oriented. Our patients become our friends and we relish the relationships with develop with each of them. Getting to learn about their interests and hobbies, while watching the amazing orthodontic transformation, is incredibly rewarding to all of us. Seeing a patient begin to grow into their new smile as it emerges is a privilege, and we know that person we’ve come to care about is going to have a life filled with great oral health and wonderful self-confidence.

Some of the treatment options available at Wilcko Orthodontics are:

Dr. Wilcko is the innovator and developer of the Wilckodontics Orthodontic System, now used by orthodontists around the world, which decreases the length of time a patient is in braces by making the process up to four times faster.

Our practice is located at 6023 West Ridge Road in Erie, PA. We care for patients from Fairview, Millcreek Township, and other communities in the tri-state area. Complimentary consultations are available, and we invite you to schedule one for yourself or a family member, today.

Everyone at Wilcko Orthodontics looks forward to starting you on the path to a beautiful, healthy smile, for years of confident smiling.

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